The first drink I ordered at a bar was a gin and tonic (ok, second.  The first was a Sex on the Beach).  When my friends were drinking Malibu, I was making lists of the bourbons I wanted to try.  I made my first limoncello at 23.  My grandfather was a liquor importer, and my grandmother drank an Old Fashioned every night of her adult life.  In other words, it’s in my blood.

I like unusual but simple flavors, a well-balanced cocktail, and ingredients you don’t have to track down at a specialty store.  I hate things that are too sweet or cloying and lists of esoteric ingredients.  My bar is pared down – I’d rather get creative with what I have in my house than go out and buy three new things that I’ll only use once.  I like things that feel seasonal without resorting to the same old same old.  This is where I try, and document, the things that sound good to me.

I live in Oakland, CA.

Contact me at dana.brechwald@gmail.com

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